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about our brand

As a professional auto air conditioner manufacturer, we focus our attention on climate solutions for all kinds of vehicles. In domestic market, we use AVIC YUXIN brand; in overseas market, to make our name easier for marketing, we create the new brand as VehiClima. So, VehiClima is mainly for overseas market.

Our products include: bus A/C, truck A/C, engineering vehicle A/C, agricultural vehicle A/C, no-idling DC electric battery operated truck A/C, diesel APU truck A/C, RV A/C, motorhome A/C, mobile clinic A/C, Oil-filed vehicle A/C, TV broadcasting vehicle A/C, emergency communication vehicle A/C, satellite communication vehicle A/C, military application special vehicle A/C, marine vehicle A/C, boat A/C, large ship/vessel A/C, train A/C, metro/sub-way A/C, helicopter aircraft A/C, transport refrigeration units, etc.